About Us

Copper Town USA was formed to create products that utilize the many health benefits of copper. The company's founder worked in the healthcare industry providing physical therapy to patients in need. After several years in the field and participating in martial arts, he developed pain in his wrist and forearm that continued to be a nagging pain that progressively got worse. Many attempts were made to achieve pain relief including topical lotions, stretches, Ultrasound, wrist bracing, paraffin wax, etc. Nothing was providing consistent long lasting pain relief. When he came across an article written about copper and its many health benefits, he gave the copper magnetic bracelet a try. After a few weeks, he was finally getting consistent pain relief. He attributed wearing copper with easing the pain. It then became his mission to take the concept of the generic magnetic copper band that helped him, and create unique jewelry designs to help spread its benefits to the masses. CopperTownUSA offers contemporary jewelry combined with the ancient therapeutic properties of copper for people to wear whether they are experiencing pain or not. Our mission and the direction of our company is to create many products made from this precious metal. Stay informed on our new products by joining our Email newsletters!

Pietro Gaglio, Founder of CopperTownUSA



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