Vinci Melo Bracelet from Copper Town USA
Vinci Melo unclasped bracelet
Vinci Melo copper bracelet specs
Vinci Melo with Tool Kit
Vinci Melo on wrist
Bracelet adjustment instructions
how copper magnetic therapy works
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Vinci Melo Magnetic Copper Bracelet

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Crafted with a ‘wow factor’ featuring unique red copper to attract attention no matter the occasion. This stylish design is so discreet and appealing, no one would suspect it's a therapeutic bracelet. The Vinci Melo offers everything you would want on your wrist accessory – durability, look, and style. With affordable pricing, high-quality build, and solid design, you can’t go wrong with this fantastic bracelet.




Magnetic bracelets are believed to have many potential benefits such as:

  • Relieve or prevent pain and discomfort associated with arthritis, rheumatism, carpal tunnel syndrome, or injury and reduce swelling and stiffness.
  • Increase blood circulation which leads to more oxygen and nutrients available to painful areas.
  • Relax muscle spasms.
  • Reduce inflammation, lactic acid, calcium deposits, and other toxins in the body.
  • Assist to healing nervous tissue and bones due to the magnet's ability to accelerate the migration of calcium ions.
  • Help the body produce more endorphins, which are known as natural painkillers.
  • Promote peaceful sleep as the magnets can influence the production of the hormone melatonin in the body.
  • May stimulate collagen density in and around joints proven in studies to heal bones and joints faster and to help alleviate chronic pain and invigorate overall well-being.


  • Pure: 99.9% Copper! Not the cheap stuff found in many other bracelets! Enjoy maximum health benefits of solid copper in every single link (minus the strong clasp).
  • Extra Strong Clasp: Pure copper is too soft and pliable of a metal. Because of this, we've designed our bracelet with a stainless steel clasp (clasp only!) for strength & functionality, ensuring the clasp holds true over time.
  • Neodymium Magnets: Powerful 2500 Gauss magnets in each functional link to surround the whole wrist for more effective relief. Don't waste time with weaker magnets or 4-element bracelets, we use only the industry-best neodymium magnets. Rest assured that your bracelet will keep it's strength for years to come.
  • Hypoallergenic and nickel-free!
  • Fully Adjustable / Resizable
    • Length: ~ 21.5cm/8.5"
    • (Please measure wrist before buying)
    • Width: ~ 13mm
  • Complimentary link removal tool: Included to adjust the size of your bracelet in the comfort of your own home. Instructions are included and it takes just a few minutes! For those with larger wrists, extra links can be provided for an optimal fit!


Safety Information:

Magnetic products should not be used by pregnant women or anyone with a pacemaker or any other medical or electro-mechanical device. PLEASE ALSO NOTE THAT THIS ITEM IS NOT BEING SOLD AS A MEDICAL DEVICE AND IS NOT INTENDED TO DIAGNOSE, TREAT, OR CURE ANY DISEASE OR CONDITION.


Unlike other bracelets on the market that use weak magnets or break easily, we have spent months in polishing the best rare earth neodymium magnet bracelet, handcrafted for the highest quality, and a stronger clasp for safety. Complimentary link removal tool included!

60-Day Money-Back Guarantee!


Have any questions? Please Contact Copper Town USA!



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